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The neodymium magnets which hold the tools in place are optional, in case you want to place in your custom sized magnets or use it for something other than carving tools.



This canister measures 3inches x 3inches x 6inches, and unfolds to reveal 8 segments which can accomodate a 5 inch long tool.  These tool holders are purpose built to hold Pfeil carving tools or mushroom handle style engraving tools. The inside frame is lined with vinyl coated book cloth so that it can be gentler on your tools and easier to clean.

The canister has neodymium magnets embeded into the edges of the frame so that it can stay closed without worry. The vinyl bookcloth may stick together if left closed for a long period of time, so you may have to pry a bit harder than usual to open the canister.


If you want a custom sized one to hold longer or shorter carving tools you can email me with details of your comission.

5 inch Octofold Canister gold cranes

Only 1 left in stock
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