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3D Printed Press (6inch)

3D Printed Press (6inch)


This table top press is 3d printed from PLA and can print relief matrices up to 1 inch thick and 6 inches wide! Linocuts, woodcuts, and letterpress all in a lightweight and portable package. Perfect for live printing events or printing on the go. This thing looks like a toy but can get some serious printing done with its 5:1 gear reduction. The press can be driven by the top or bottom roller depending on your preference. The included press bed is a 6" wide and 11" long piece of whiteboard, which make the white surface easy to clean, just avoid getting the underside wet.

*Not recommended for etching*



Kit form: The press will come pieces and you will have to assemble it yourself. You will need some lubricant, super glue that works on plastic, and a phillips head screwdriver. Instructions included.

Fully Assembled: The press will come fully assembled, calibrated, and lubricated. The gearbox will be permanently attached to the top roller.


The plastic is made from PLA(Polylactic Acid) and can be cleaned with most petrochemicals like mineral spirits. You can also clean it with vegetable oil and soap. PLA is a sustainable bioplastic derrived from renewable sources such as cornstarch or sugarcane. 

*WARNING: PLA tends to warp under high heat, ~140°F(60°C) so try your best to keep it out of direct sunlight. If the brayer is left outside in direct sunlight it will often reach these temperatures. Outdoors in the shade is fine, and Indoors but with windowed sunlight is safe as well.


This product should ship within 2 weeks of placing your order. The presses are made to order. Send an email or message me on instagram if you want a custom colorway. 

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