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  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes I take commissions! I take commissions if you want custom shirts, coasters, postcards, prints, or books. Please get in contact to work through the details. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Will out of stock items come back in stock?
    -Single color linocuts may come back in stock if there is demand. You can email and request a reprint. -Shirts will come back in stock if there is demand. -Books are unique and I do not keep multiples in stock. You can commission a book that resembles a previous book and I will make it if I have the parts in stock. -Litho crayons I make in batches and will restock when I get a chance. -Limited edition prints will not come back in stock.
  • Do items ship with tracking?
    -Postcard sized prints will not come with tracking. Unless you purchase the reinforced shipping. USPS will usually deliver the letters within a week except around holidays. If your print does not arrive after a week of it being shipped please let me know. -Items shipped in a box or sandwiched in cardboard will ship via USPS and include tracking.
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